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About DAK

Inspired from an Arabic acronym, Dar al khair “Home of liberality, DAK is a brand of food that is driven by traditional recipes produced into modern and mixed technology with high quality components to match the home- made taste. Due to the company's site in the Horan plain, which had been the basis of many civilizations since ancient times and it is still a fertile land. The Romans relied on the plain of Horan in order to secure agricultural crops and till our time, Horan Plain is the first place in the cultivation of tomatoes and vegetables in Syria. Today, Dak Food produce the finest varieties of tomato paste, ketchup, Fruits jams, canned vegetables and frozen vegetables, virgin olive oil, cooking oil, as well as oriental dishes such as yalangi (Staffed Grape Leaves), Humus (chickpeas Spread), Foul (Fava Beans), Makdous (Staffed Eggplant) and Pickles with many products without adding any artificial flavors, colorants or preservatives. These products are tested daily in the company's laboratories

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