Quality Management

Quality Management works to control the quality of the manufacturing inputs and the different manufacturing processes and control the output of the manufacturing process to reach the satisfaction of the consumer and is in the following sections

Laboratories Section

Which consists of

Chemical laboratory

Equipped with modern equipment, which is operated by qualified analysts who perform all kinds of laboratory tests, especially the measurement of chromatography and conducting water analyzes on the Hash device. In addition to the implementation of other chemical analyzes.

The microbial laboratory where analysts perform

  • General census of microbiology and non-aerobic pathology

  • Detection of yeast and molds

  • Detection of Salmonella germs

  • Detection of Coliform bacteria

  • Detection of E. coli

Quality Control Section (QC)

It is a division that control the quality of the manufacturing processes from the receipt of raw materials supplied to the final consumer through a trained staff who control the production parameters in each hour by collecting, analyzing, evaluating and giving quick results.

Quality Assurance Department (QA)

Which is concerned with building a complete quality system through quality control processes and quality assurance processes, and building management systems such as ISO 9001 quality management system, ISO 22000 safety management system and ISO 45001 occupational safety and health system. The company is currently building ISO 9001: 2015 quality management system, which is expected to be obtained this certificate corresponding to this system in June of this year